Buy Ticket(s) to JatЛАГ festival

Please read rules first

Ticket cost - $45 per adult for two full days (from 3PM Friday, till 4PM Sunday). Kidz under 15 y.o. - free.

Please, do not forget to expand (press little '+') next to "Add special instructions to the seller" field and enter name(s) of each person you are buying tickets for.


*Our tickets are virtual. There will be no paper tickets in the mail. Each ticket shall be sold to a particular person. Guard on the camp entrance will find you name in the Guest List.

The "JetLAG" Festival is provided on an "As Is" basis, at your own risk. By buying the ticket(s), you agree to indemnify and hold The OPENCONCERT harmless from any claim or demand. Under no circumstances will the organizers be liable in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of attending said event.


and other useful info

ENTRY. The campground is open for entry starting 3pm Friday. We reserved sections X and F, come and set up your tent on any site in these sections, first come first served. If you don't know where these sites are, ask the ticket guy at the gate for directions. Here's the campground map:

CARS. You will need to park your car on the parking lot (most likely within camp). No cars allowed on the camp sites. If you have a lot of camping gear, we'll have shuttle cars running between the parking lot and the sites.

SECURITY. We will have our own security team, whose task is to make sure things are running smoothly. Please cooperate if asked to.

HEALTH. Will will have volunteer paramedics who can help in case of small bruises, burns, etc. If you find yourself in need of a serious repair, call 911.

DIRECTIONS. If you've never been to Indian Head campground, see directions here:

FIREWOOD. You can buy firewood at the gate or from a special truck circling the sites.

MUSIC. Only live music is permitted on campground. No boomboxes, car stereos, etc. Small guitar and bass amps are permitted, as well as drumming, but at moderated volumes not to overpower acoustic instruments.

NOISE. If you're planning to get a good nights sleep, think again. With 3 or more stages running all night and day long, and jamming circles mushrooming around the fires at any time, JetLAG is anything but quiet. For those who prefers silence, see this:

ALCOHOL is encouraged, underage drinking - NOT. You know the drill...

DOGS. Do us a favor and leave your four-legged friend home. If you must, bring it to the fest but keep leashed at all times.

GEAR: Bring all your usual camping gear, don't forget the swimsuit - there is a big river on site. Swim at your own risk, we have no lifeguards on duty.

DISCLAIMER (small print): The sponsor of this event (Open Concert Network & JetLAG) acting through any of its officers shall, in its sole discretion and without any reason being given, be entitled to remove any ticket holder or participant in this event at any time from the grounds upon which this event is being held and exclude such person(s) from any further participation in this event. In no event shall the sponsor or the officer's liability for such removal exceed the price paid for this ticket by the person being removed. The sponsor of this event (Open Concert Network & JetLAG) reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or any group in its sole discretion and without any reason being given.