Welcome to JetЛАГ

Vodka on the rocks and rolls

What is JetЛАГ?

It's a process of adjustment while moving from one reality to another.
It's a rock-pop-bard-klez-retro-ethno-techno-rap-folk-funk-punk-fest overcoming the limits of geography, age, language and style.
It's a celebration of blazing rock'n'roll drive and soulful campfire songs, fierce acid rave and traditional music of Yiddish shtetl.
It's all music.
It's all good music.

Or, in other words -
Take a rainbow gathering, add Burning Man, mix with a splash of USSR circa '80, pour in the amazing Russian indie band Auktyon and the post-everything conceptual troubadour Psoy Korolenko, pour in hundreds of drunken Russians... and all this craziness will be served for two days again and again right here, smack in the middle of central PA...
Tents, vodka, marinated herring - pot, melting pot of Russian and American culture.(c)

Leonid Fedorov & Vladimir Volkov (Auktyon, Russia)
Psoy Korolenko (Russia) and Olya Chikina (Russia)
Aleksander Kotler (Israel), Sobranie Sochineniy (Canada),
Interzona, Pike, Aleksander Dreyshner, Ellina Graypel & Dynamo NY Band, Newermoon, "AvottaK", Arkadiy Dubinchik and Lenochka Fiksman, Anatoliy Kurlat and Igor Balkon, Zheka Koshmar-Varvara
and many others...

Experience the midsummer magic with JetLAG:
Moonlight dances, Body painting contest, Pagan games Kupala-style, Medieval-style poetry readings, fortune-telling and tantra sessions
Fantasy role-playing game "Labirinth"

Get your ticket here for $45 and land your aircraft at the Indian Head campground, June 26-28.

Happy JetLagging!


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